Jack and Deborah Bartello smiling together in a field of daisies.

As seen in the December 2021 issue of ROC Metaphysical.

Q & A
With Deborah and Jack

Q: Do you have any guidance for your readers as they begin “The Golden Remembrance, Reawakening One Golden Heart Consciousness”?

Deborah: “This is a book that asks the reader to enter it with a sense of inner steadfastness. As in any large venture, we gear up. We say to ourselves, ‘OK, I recognize that this is important, and I want to do this.’ We take a deep breath of fortitude and commitment and steadfastness.”

Jack: “This book is a journey for the reader, and one not to be taken lightly. It has a lot of substance and depth, and it requires the reader to really show up. My advice is to open the book and be present, to take it in in a way that it can be digested, because there is a lot of material. It’s going to be very empowering—it’s an empowering journey, but there are places in the journey where the reader will walk through some challenging moments.”

Deborah: “The book is not to be read from an intellectual place. It asks the reader to slow down and really pay attention—it asks that they read it from a place of heart and of their feeling sense, a place of being conscious and present. To me, that is an important thing for the reader to understand, that the read of this book will ask that of them. This book is one of complete love and empowerment—but it is a process, a metamorphosis. Being conscious and caring of self—this is important, this a really, really important message.”

Jack: “The reader would be well served to read the book from a spiritual perspective. It’s asking that they show up spiritually and realize that they have a deep connection to Lemuria, and to the One Golden Heart Consciousness.”

Q: What would you like your readers to know about “The Golden Remembrance”?

Deborah: “As they start to read, the Golden Light within their heart begins to get reactivated, and it brightens as they go. The more they read the book the stronger their connectedness becomes, within themselves, with their Golden Heart, their Golden energy and their Golden family. The whole Golden world reopens inside of them in a truly beautiful way; it’s as if something has been asleep in there for a long time and this is the process of it waking up.”

Jack: “It’s all about the One Golden Heart Consciousness—so it’s for them to understand it as an individual, but also as a collective family. The Golden Family is very large and inter-dimensional, and it’s not just humans—it includes all life forms. So, for the reader to understand that, and really “get” that is huge, and it’s life changing.”

Deborah: “This book is just coming out, and the first people to read this book are like any pioneers. We are reactivating the consciousness that has been waiting for this time. It’s probably going to be the most challenging for the whole first layer of people who read the book. It’s going to be more challenging for them than for the people who come after them, because they are paving the way. This is what it’s like to be leaders of a movement; this is the way it goes. And so, for pioneers, you have to know that. Again, it is important to come into this with a very strong, steadfast sense of self. To say to ourselves, ‘Okay, I’m a pioneer here, I’m amongst a very large group of pioneers here right now, and we are all doing this in different places around the world, and let’s carry on and do it, because the greater, the stronger, the bigger the number, the easier it’s going to be for everyone else.’ This is the thing that supports people through this, the book supports them, and then they support others.”

Jack: “All of us Golden Ones are trail blazers. We are ahead of our time, and so we need to honor that—we need to honor who we are and not compare ourselves to others, not compare ourselves to the mass consciousness. We are here to contribute, and to move humanity forward.”

Deborah: “We are ahead of our time, yes, but we are also right in time with right now, because this is the time that is ready, and this is what is needed.”

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