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It’s Time to Stand Strong & Steady in Grounded Heart

Deborah’s Golden Blog No. 3

Never in our lifetime has the need for love, to balance out fear, been so strong.

Many feel they are being pressed against the wall by fear-based consciousness and there is nowhere to turn.

But … there is. And that is the point. That is the gift of this fear-based time to us.

It pinches us, prods us, squeezes us and makes us squirm in discomfort and growing distress. So many people feel like there is nothing they can do about it. But there is. Plenty.

It is not just a personal thing. It is a global necessity.

The balance of the scales is weighing heavy in favor of fear right now. They have been for a while and it is only increasing. There is the possibility that it will continue to do so. This is not a time to be Pollyanna about that. No rose-colored glasses here. Neither it is a time to sit back and “wait, for consciousness to rise”. Equally, this is not time to be lazy or lackluster.

I understand I am only voicing my opinions here. But this is how I see it.

I am a Seer. I am an Empath. I am an Intuitive. I am heart gifted.

I have so much love in my heart that I could swim in its sparkling deep waters forever and never touch the bottom. My heart aches for all the suffering in the world, and the suffering of those I love. My heart aches for my own suffering at times. But the reason I am talking about this is because my heart wants to help make things better. It aches to reach out and touch and make a difference that would really MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world of our growing humanity. I want to change things so that this world will be a better and nicer place for our children and grandchildren—and the generations yet to come. I want to make a difference for all of life everywhere.

There was a time when I felt helpless, powerless and immobilized in the face of all the fear and tragedy. I felt like there was nothing I could do, nothing I could contribute that would be ENOUGH to make a difference. I bordered on becoming apathetic in this helplessness because it all felt so daunting, and frightening. Becoming apathetic was my way of saying, “This is all too much for me. I am going to go away now.” My energy wanted to just walk away and go to sleep. Not participate. Not show up.

And then I realized how faulty this was, not to mention just downright impossible given how I am made! I still found myself waking up to a new day and feeling my own intense yearning to gear up and find some creative solution that would at least make me feel better about my position on this planet. Why had I come here if not to express my gifts of love outshining? Wasn’t that my Soul’s plan? Wasn’t that why I am still here?

And so, I got on with it. I got on with finding my own reason for Being. I decided that, no matter what, I was going to live what was meaningful to me. Focus on that. Be that. Outshine that.

I committed myself to standing strong in the face of fear, eyes wide open, and planting my feet firmly on the ground without shirking or shrinking. I expanded my light in the face of it. In a word, I called up the BIGNESS in me.

And I committed myself to loving with fervor. That’s who I am. That’s what I decided to do. That’s what I chose to BE and energize.

I no longer energized fear, or anything that had anything to do with it.

I dropped the fear position. Just dropped it like a hot potato. And, I continue to do so whenever I feel it wanting to grab me or pester me into buckling. I refuse to ever “go south” with fear again. All that does is suck my life force away and render me blind, confused and trembling. Immobilized. What good is that? But, it’s constantly up to me, isn’t it? We all have the choice, don’t we?

In choosing my BIGNESS and putting that forward, my spiritually defined “muscles of loving” are strengthening greatly each and every day. I feel my base of goodness and kindness clearly stocked and I extend that out to others, those I love closely, and those I barely know. I am very conscious about expressing my gratitude and appreciation to people when they have helped me, however small, and I don’t let an opportunity for kindness to go by. I find myself more present, and stronger, and more attuned to life and all of its beauties than ever before. I love. And I know I am loved. It feels so good to BE, and good to be alive—no matter what is happening in the world around me. I have successfully found my place here. And I “fit” right in my own little spot.

I constantly return to “that which is meaningful” to me as often as I need to in order to regain and reinforce my balance and clarity. I love as much and as often and as far and as wide as I possibly can. I’m not talking here about “fluffy love.” I’m talking about the good old fashioned solid, grounded authentic caring, kindness and graciousness that has sustenance and depth. I know you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s something that has come as a result of my long and sustained spiritual questing and integration. I believe it is my Soul finally finding its true expression here.

I still see the pain, and I do not expect this to change. But my heart stays open and grounded in my body, right here right now. I see the ripples of my loving touching those I love, and spreading outward to touch Consciousness. I love being Conscious and awake, aware and inspired. I honor this Consciousness of Love and give thanks that I can be an embodiment of it in this physical realm. I am so grateful for this. Especially since I can also see that so many people are stuck in the fear-based loop and haven’t a clue that they even have a choice about it.

I also become increasingly aware of the difference that I make just by BEING who and how I truly am. I am not referring here to just the “people” part. I am also referring to all of life in its many forms and faces, such as Nature, the Trees, the waters, the animals, the Elementals, etc. etc. I feel so much of life receiving me and so often, reaching to touch me back. It moves me to tears when this happens, and my heart melts. I know these are gifts to me and I feel so blessed to be a part of this. My life has become so rich. I am changing. And I love it. I am hearing the song of love and joy around me more loudly than the sounds of pain these days.

I also understand my responsibility to my loving Consciousness now. I understand that I have been gifted with a love in my heart so strong that it is not only my responsibility to embrace it and share it, but to also stand rock steady in it as my major contribution to the upliftment of Consciousness as a whole. In our present-day circumstances, this is imperative, I believe.

Most recently, I have observed that things are becoming so dire on this planet that it is not enough to feel loving from time to time, or to just go with the herd of “waiting to see what happens as a result of all this.” On the contrary, I feel a sense of urgency now to really step up in a new way, at a new level, with even far greater intention, commitment, determination and follow-through than ever before in my lifetime. I feel a “Call to Action.” It is ringing loudly throughout my system.

I believe and feel that the time has come for those of us who are spiritually awake and love-activated, to dig even deeper for greater reserves of love inside of us, and rise up in that love and vibrate it clearly and intentionally, outshine it with joy, passion, deliberation and gusto, and know that at this very moment, and in this very way, we are actively contributing to a change in the weight of the scales I mentioned earlier. We are bringing into reality the balance which is sorely needed. We are not attempting to change the face of fear. Instead, we are placing our energy on the side of Love and doing our best to energize, be, plant and hold steady the lighthouse of loving, living light.

This is personal, global, and cosmic.

And, I believe our greatest opportunity for success in this endeavor is to stand steady on a personal level, and to stand steady with hands joined all around the globe. We need to be so conscious of being Conscious and so aware that we are indeed doing this together. There are so many of us here now that are eager for this – and, indeed, feel as though we have been waiting for the “prime moment.”

I believe that “prime moment” is NOW.

As we step up in our strength of loving, and all things related to this, on a personal level, we can also expand and stretch out our awareness to include one another in these efforts. We can join in our intention, and in so doing, greatly multiply and magnify our love potency.

I believe we can indeed balance out the current scales of consciousness.

Our strong and steady stance as love-based, love behaving, love guided Beings can create a weight that will balance out the drawing down of the fear-based side of the scale.

Our intentioned and steady love-based Being and living will gradually “solidify” that energy in the ethers forming it into firmly delineated patterns that will be able to be sustained. With that kind of sustained and deliberate attention that note will sound stronger and stronger with each passing moment as our love joins further and wider and soon the entire Earth herself will be encased and cocooned in this sacred sound. This will be done very deliberately, steadily and unwaveringly. It will be Consciousness done with Consciousness!

I believe with all my heart, that this is our opportunity to effect change in our immediate and future time.

Let us approach this from the vantage point of Consciousness because this is where new patterns are created.

I believe that all of you who know your loving hearts believe this to be so as well.

Out of Love-based Consciousness can be birthed great things.

Can we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, hearts wide open, being Lighthouses of Love toward this outcome?

Will you join me in this effort?

Deborah’s Golden Blog No. 2

Greetings Dear Golden Friends,

I welcome you joining me today.

The new year is here! This is often a time when many people think about making resolutions and defining changes they wish to make. Sometimes these are followed through with, and sometimes they are not. No matter what the outcome, it marks an awareness that one wants to make some kind of a change in a positive direction.

In this New Year, I am encouraging you to consider going deep inside and making an internal change. I am talking about making a conscious commitment to yourself in support of your Golden Love. Please know that this will not only greatly benefit you, first and foremost, but will happily also benefit the entire Golden Family at large.

If you are interested, consider taking some time to deliberately focus your attention on what is most meaningful to you. This sets the energy of your Golden Heart Center and leads into your feeling of Golden Love, your awareness of this illumination inside of you, your love for the whole Golden Family everywhere, and your love for our sweet Golden Terra. Ponder on how glorious it would be if all Golden Ones were awake and shining right now! Feel this, know this, savor this. Notice how buoyant, uplifted and strong this makes you feel.

Your commitment and follow through on living more and more of your Golden Love adds support and joy to all—and you then become aware of the “all” loving and supporting you in response! This is a deeply moving, life enhancing, strengthening and joyous experience. One which can change everything in so many ways and yield enormous and meaningful benefits.

As we enter this new year, you can follow through on your desire to make a positive change by anchoring your conscious awareness of your Golden Remembrance more firmly. Yes, you are already fully Golden Love but this needs now to be extended out into your daily physical arena as well. One way to help this along considerably is to choose to “see through Golden Eyes.” In as many circumstances as you can, begin by viewing situations, people, places, and nature through the lens and perspective of your Golden Eyes. Notice how you see and understand things differently than you usually might. This is a conscious exercise which, with practice, brings about greater and greater ease and perfection. You will be amazed at how different things look to you from this vantage point, as well as gratified by how much more clear your understanding of life becomes.

This will perhaps mark the beginning of your curiosity and intrigue about bringing forward your Golden Remembrance, applying it, and watching how greatly it can help you navigate your daily life circumstances and this present day world.

Another helpful tool is to notice the words you use, and the words others use, as well. Notice the energy behind these words. Be aware of what general opinions you have previously agreed with, and how these would be different if the same circumstances were viewed through Golden perspective.

Pay attention to what you are energizing. Are you dwelling on the problem and adding to the downward spiral, or are you entering into being part of creative solution? Are you allowing your Golden Awareness to lift you up to higher ground where you can see and act more clearly? Do you feel yourself moving with more grace and ease from this viewpoint and position? Are your actions more efficient and successful?

Are you able to feel yourself constantly buoyed by your Golden Love grace?

Consider practicing these suggestions until you feel strong and steady inside of them. Obviously, as you witness their rewards, you will be more and more motivated to apply your expanding Golden understanding and wisdom to everything in your life.

Lastly, a helpful tool that is so simple, is to define a Golden statement that you can support yourself with. For example, simply making the declaration to yourself that “I love my Golden Love” can fill you with Golden luminescence, well-being, and grounding. Try it for yourself and you will see what I mean. This statement comes from the center of who you are now, remembering who you truly are. Repeating it to yourself as often as you think to is a great way toward opening up and realizing more of your Golden bounty. I know it sounds really simple, because it is—and it is simply powerful as well! If you do this with sincere intent, it is not fluff. It is deep and empowering. Your Golden Being hears you and is responding with great joy at being acknowledged.

Other statements of positive enhancement might include, “I love my Golden Joy.” “I love my unique Golden Gifts.” “I love being cocooned in my Golden Peace.” “I am Golden grateful.” “I am Golden Love outshining.”

For those of you who want to add a different twist, create a Golden Prayer, a Golden Song, or a Golden poem. Adding this light, playful energy into the mix is, in fact, very potent. Any of these could be uplifting divine Golden gifts that you spread about naturally throughout your day. They include you first and foremost, but they can also extend out toward others if that is what you feel like doing.

These are all simply suggestions, but you get the idea.

It is all about deliberately turning your attention, focus, and energy toward your Golden enhancement—and then actually taking steps in this direction. I can’t say this enough: this is something that is up to you to nurture and foster into more and more of your daily conscious arena.

Chances are, you will be thrilled with the results of making such a commitment on your own Golden behalf as we enter 2022.

Golden Love to ALL of our beautiful Golden Family everywhere!

Happy Golden New Year!

Deborah’s December Blog ❄️

This is the first of what I hope will be many blogs to come, given to you in the name of One Golden Heart.

I welcome myself into this position and I welcome you, the reader, to sit at this table for this short while. Thank you for being here.

The winter season is the perfect time to reach for “The Golden Remembrance, Reawakening One Golden Heart Consciousness”. This time of year often calls us to deepen inside, to feel the sacredness of our light of love. It is a time of cradling within in a gentle way, of giving thanks and extending ourselves with even more conscious kindness as we also celebrate the joys of this season. Our book can speak to you at these deeper, more sacred levels of your Being. It is that kind of book. It is that kind of experience.

I am hopeful that people all around the world will find their way to our book and that they will read it through and feel a tangible awakening because of it. That is its purpose, after all.

I heard just the other day from a friend who said she had just had the most amazing body massage from a woman who is in the middle of reading our book. Her massage therapist told her that reading the book was changing her in a most positive way, and that she now finds herself infusing all of her clients with this beautiful Golden Light through her massage work. She feels compelled to do this now that she has rediscovered the gift of her own Golden Light within her. She realizes what a beautiful gift it is not only for herself, but to share with others as well. As a client, my friend (who has also read the book), could attest that this made her massage work truly even more amazing and beneficial.

This is the kind of feedback that we look forward to hearing more and more as this book spreads around the globe. It will be so wonderful to hear that people are being activated in their Golden Remembrance and applying it to their lives, that they are living it on a daily basis. That is how the scales of change are going to happen, Golden person by Golden person by Golden person. Soon, there will be so many of us awake and strong, that our Golden World will be vital and alive with passion, enthusiasm, and Golden action.

Every day will have Golden meaning and an endless supply of Golden Love and vitality to draw from.

Being on this planet will turn out to be filled with pure pleasure, beauty, and challenge. We will be inspired and empowered, drawing on our best to meet every occasion. We will exceed what we have wished for and what we had begun to believe would be impossible to achieve in this world. We will amaze ourselves. Many will no longer feel despondent, defeated, and powerless. Instead, a new wave of pure positivity, clarity, vision, and exuberance will rise from within to light the path ahead of Golden love and joy. We will be able to easily call upon our Golden power to travel this path with grace and triumph, every step of the way.


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