About the Book

Authors Deborah and Jack Bartello are excited to announce the publication of their new book “The Golden Remembrance, Reawakening One Golden Heart Consciousness”

Directly relevant to our current times, “The Golden Remembrance, Reawakening One Golden Heart Consciousness” serves as an invaluable guidebook for navigating today’s world. The book takes us on a remarkable journey of ever-deepening self-awareness and empowerment, as the exquisite and unprecedented account of the Lemurian people unfolds before us.

“I write because I want to help people,” states Deborah. “I believe in them, and I want them to know they make a valuable difference to all of life everywhere. I want to support them in understanding, in knowing and feeling how love-filled they are, how beautiful, strong, capable and valuable. I want to empower them and help them believe in themselves and all their goodness, grace, and glory.”

“We see the need for support. It’s all about witnessing, and we are all witnessing each other,” says Jack. “We make that point throughout the book, about how healing it is; how important it is to be seen and to be witnessed, to be heard, and to be felt. To know that someone else sees you, and sees your pain—sees all of it, not just the pain, but your joy, your beauty, and your golden heart.”

“Anyone who takes the time to read this book will be blessed by its tools for living every day in this current hectic and divisive environment! Over and above the story line, this is filled with guidelines for everyday living right now!”

Sharon K.

“The Golden Age is now! I love The Golden Remembrance and felt moved to highlight many passages so I can read them again and reflect. The energy of the story is inspiring. Deep rumblings within myself resonate with the feeling of the book. I really do remember a time on Mother Earth when humans were fearless, creative, and harmonious with each other and nature.”

Barbara B.

“The title of this book says it all and is so needed during this time of division. This book has taken me into an emotional and deep journey that has awakened me and made sense as to why I am here. It has opened my heart…”

Frances K.

Travel the pathway of Golden Heart with us, and explore our healing journey as Lemurians from Lemuria of Origin, all the way up to now. If we can remember, we can live it again and again, and apply mastery and glorious awareness to our daily lives as we each see fit. It can enable us to stand strong and steady as beacons of Golden Light, empowering us and changing our lives in the most positive of ways. We can shift our understanding of who we are in the world, and receive the gifts we wish to bring to the table of our modern times.

Many of us hold a sacred memory of living on the earth in exquisite harmony and well-being. As masterful and illuminated Golden Beings we flourished in peace, love, and glorious creativity—and fear did not exist.

It was a beautiful and prolific time, a Golden time; we called it Lemuria.

But will our love and devotion be enough to carry us through the most difficult challenge of all? Can we succeed in protecting our One Golden Heart and restore our One Golden Family—is it enough to keep it alive and shining, no matter what?

Your Golden Remembrance and Reactivation awaits you, if you so choose.

Front cover image of The Golden Remembrance, by Deborah and Jack Bartello.

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You can reach us at weareonegoldenheart@gmail.com