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A portrait of Deborah and Jack Bartello, with snow-capped Mount Shasta in the background.

Deborah and Jack Bartello

Deborah and Jack Bartello have been forward thinkers in the field of personal and spiritual development since 1986. In addition to many years of providing one-on-one therapeutic work and conducting intensive workshops with clients, they have continually focused on bringing through and developing new material that would help restore the conscious blueprint of love, personal freedom, and wholeness.

They began their work together in the mid-80’s, teaching people about energy and healing. In 1990 they discovered Northern California’s Mt. Shasta, where they joined with Golden Masters in developing and subsequently conducting their Ascended Master Intensives.

In 2001, Deborah and Jack began their conscious journey of the Lemurian Golden Remembrance, which resulted in The Golden Remembrance, Reawakening One Gold Heart Consciousness.

Working as a couple, Jack and Deborah offer both the male and female perspective as well as their understanding of conscious, harmonious relationship on many levels. Their union is unique in its conscious and complete devotion to spirit and the common goal of love and beauty with which they are so perfectly aligned.

Throughout their journey together, in addition to being partnered with the Golden Masters, Deborah and Jack have also been deeply partnered with the pulse and heartbeat of the Earth. Every step they have taken has been in concert with this communion—they have always been guided and directed by her, bringing this depth of relationship to all that they put forth.

Deborah and Jack are both Sensitives, and through their “life training” have come to better understand the challenges and opportunities of this remarkable way of Being. They strive to express the depth of their loving and understanding in everything they do, and wish to contribute as much as they can to foster the gift of Golden Love thriving for as long as they remain here.

Deborah has also developed programs on Interdimensional Creativity. You will be able to view her pictures of the Golden Masters as well as other Golden art at, now under construction. Her artwork has served as windows of Light, love, and healing for many people over the past 36 years.

The Golden Remembrance is Deborah and Jack Bartello’s second book, and is now available on Amazon and in bookstores across the U.S. and internationally.

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